About Us


My name is Tony LaPrino and I am the owner and  head trainer / coach at OnAscent Fitness.  One of the greatest struggles every working professional face is feeling overwhelmed.  Everyday the same feeling of stress, pressure, not enough time repeats itself.  It feels like chaos.  Hoping one day to finally have some spare time and energy to focus on themselves and live a healthier life. Experience what it feels like to have the same energy as they did in their 20's. Really hit that dream of having the confidence in their body they once had. Today that's about to change for you!  I created the High Performance Training System so you can lose the weight / fat you haven't been able to shed for years and achieve REAL sustainable change.


OnAscent Fitness Packages


We take personal training to the next level.  We are all about training and coaching you as a whole person.  Your physical health, mindset, emotions, purpose, social, and environment.  We take a client-centered approach to our training and provide you with an experience that is truly extraordinary. Results are what we deliver and together we forge a plan that aligns with who you are, what you desire, and what works for you.  



Semi - Private training is an experience!  We host a number of live small group training sessions on a weekly basis. You can attend as many as these classes throughout the week that wish with your all - inclusive premium membership. Workout in the comfort of your own home or take me with you on the road.  These classes will offer custom built workouts that will accommodate all levels of fitness as well as equipment and movement modifications so you never feel left behind.  



Nutrition is hard! Flat out, real talk, hard.  We make nutrition a major priority at OnAscent Fitness because we know first hand that you can't train your way out of poor eating habits.  We also take a stand against fad diets and conflicting advice you see out in the market today.  Our approach is ditch the food rules, let go of food confusion, learn what to do, how to do it without dieting or feeling deprived.