Lisa C., Real Estate Pro

Tony came into my fitness world when I was struggling to find a balance between work and health. Tony put my needs first, created a program that would challenge me while not making me feel like it was too much to achieve.

I learned to set small fitness goals to achieve the greater goal. (works for work as well). Over the years I have utilized this advice and am the healthiest I've ever been! If you are looking for someone that actually cares and has your best interests in mind Tony should be your first choice! 


Linda D., CCMA

  I set up an appointment with Tony and listened to him and he was more than willing to help me overcome my fears of not being able to exercise and get myself confidence back and on the path to good health. 

He was very kind, considerate and companionate about his work and of me. 

Tony, took me under his wing and talked to me and convinced me that I was not beyond help.  He started me with helping me with my balance and then advanced to some light weights and so the story began.  He got me to the point, by the end of two years, so that I was able to keep working, had lost weight and my balance was unremarkable.  I am now 74 and still working 12 hr. shifts - 3 days a week.   

Thank you, Tony for believing in me and help me to get where I am today. 

Tony took the time that was needed to prove to me that I could do it.  AND, I did it. 


Steph B., Fighter

I had an amazing opportunity to work with Tony for a two week fitness challenge and it was AMAZING!  The workouts shared were simple yet challenging, very easy to follow.  His enthusiasm and support made me the challenge easier for me to go through with and at the end 7 pounds were gone!  Such a wonderful experience.  I am looking forward to working more with Tony and OnAscent Fitness in the future for I know that reaching my goals are attainable with his guidance and support!  Thank you so much for the time spent!  I am so very grateful and appreciative!


Jamie J., Marketer

Tony asks the right questions to lead me to very clear and solid decisions and helped me see new perspectives.  He helped me stay focused and prioritize.  I have been better able to look at my problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions.  I am a better leader today because of the guidance I received from Tony.


Jess G., Accountant

Thanks for being so inspiring and positive. You work on the mind, body, and soul! No one in around offers what you have to give.


Courtney J. Advertising Specialist

I love OnAscent Fitness! Great workouts with tons of variety. An extremely supportive atmosphere that provides a few laughs and much needed Fitness and nutrition accountability. Tony awesome! I would highly recommend OnAscent Fitness for anyone of any fitness level.